Our Story

Lowkey is an Australian grown streetwear lifestyle. It began in 2017 by two brothers from Melbourne. They decided to turn their passion for underground streetwear and music into something bigger than clothes.

“It’s more than streetwear, it’s a lifestyle.” (First tagline in 2018)

With the brand being Influenced by the grime, rap & hip-hop culture that originated in the U.K, a garage idea sparked. With a clear vision and purpose, a unique logo was designed and Lowkey had begun. It was quickly seen on the likes on some of the originators and founders of the U.K Rap scene such as, Youngs Teflon, Tiny Boost, Aystar & many more. One Four, Rates, Rops & Complete are just a fraction of the artists from Down Under who have also been seen representing the brand.

Lowkey is now well known within the scene and has grown rapidly from one person into an established brand and team. With Music and streetwear going hand in hand in almost every urban culture worldwide, there was always a clear vision and meaning in what the brand stands for and is hungry to achieve.

Always keep Lowkey and "Live Under The Radar"